Thank you for your interest in homeownership in Lee County. Applications are not currently available, however, an application can be mailed to you or you can complete one online beginning in the Spring of 2022. Please revisit our website for the latest information.

how do I qualify

1. Need for Better Housing:

Need for Better Housing can mean, but is not limited to:

  • structural problems, plumbing problems, roofing problems
  • extremely high rent (more than 30% of your income) or extremely high utility bills
  • unsafe area for children
  • too many people in a small home

2. Ability to Pay

  • Habitat homes are sold with an affordable mortgage.
  • The Table below shows the Lee County, MS 2020 HUD income limits. We select families between 30% and 60% of median annual income.
  • We want to make sure families are able to make their house payments.
Household Size
Median Income1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People

3. Willingness to Partner

  • If you are selected for a Habitat home, you must put in 300 sweat equity hours.
  • Sweat equity hours are earned volunteering on construction for other partner families’ homes.
  • Sweat equity hours can also be earned through other volunteer opportunities.
  • If selected, you must also complete Homeowner education courses.

a few important items

  • Only a few families will be selected for Habitat Homeownership.
  • The Habitat process takes a while. It usually takes Habitat partners from 1-2 years to earn sweat equity hours and begin construction on new homes.